Selling a Home in Annapolis

Selling a Home in Annapolis

With beautiful waterfront views, abundant opportunities to enjoy nature, and easy access to  Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, it is no wonder Annapolis continues to be one of the most desirable areas to live. Professionals looking for a change of pace from the surrounding metropolitan areas find Annapolis a welcome reprieve while allowing for a manageable commute.
Situated on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis takes advantage of the natural charm and beauty of this premier coastal environment. Residents enjoy pristine beaches, oceanside properties, yacht clubs, and more in this stunning and vibrant community. These upscale amenities attract buyers and make selling a home in Annapolis less daunting.

How to prepare your home for sale

You can easily prepare your home for sale by following the guidelines outlined below. Breaking down the process into specific steps allows you to manage the sale of your home stress-free.

Find the right real estate agent for you

The first thing to address is finding a reputable real estate agent. This critical step will make selling your home much more manageable. To start, ask family, friends, and colleagues for their recommendations. Drill down on what they liked about their agent and what they thought could have been handled better. Ask about their communication skills, negotiation prowess, experience, and ability to contact them quickly. You want to find an agent you connect with who has the professionalism to advocate for their clients.

Establish your home's value

One of the most crucial aspects when placing your home on the market is understanding its value in the marketplace. Here is where having an experienced agent selling homes in your location is critical. By assessing the value of your home and completing a comparative market analysis, your realtor can help you list your home for the appropriate amount. By looking at similar homes in your location with comparable amenities, condition, size, and more, your real estate agent will be able to determine the value of your home that is not too high and not too low, allowing you to attract buyers and eventually make the most of your property's sale.

How to increase your home's value

When your real estate agent first comes to your home, they will help you determine if any upgrades are needed to improve the value of your home. By keeping an open mind and looking at your home objectively, you will see the suggestions as opportunities to improve how much your home is worth. Not all upgrades need to be expensive. For instance, a fresh coat of paint can make a space more appealing and inviting.

The same is true for the outside of your home. Take a good look at your front porch and door. Consider repainting or replacing the front door for an updated look. Since this is most likely what buyers will see first, enhance the space with planters full of fresh flowers, a new doormat, and a rocker or porch swing for an inviting entry.

Of course, there may be more significant improvements that your real estate agent could suggest. For instance, updating a bathroom could provide an excellent return on your investment. The same is valid for upgrading the kitchen by installing new countertops, painting dated cabinets, installing new flooring, upgrading appliances, and more. Your real estate agent can help you determine what upgrades are worth the investment in your location and which ones you can skip.

Home staging and professional photography

Now that your home has the necessary upgrades to sell it in today's market, it is time to promote your property. The first step is to hire a home stager. Using your existing furniture and décor items, renting additional pieces, or removing elements, stagers can present your home in the best possible light. Stagers are also experts at helping potential buyers see how the house can fit their needs.

Once the staging occurs, hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the home. This critical step ensures potential buyers positively see the house and spurs them on to make an appointment for a showing. With the internet being the first place buyers view townhomes for sale in Annapolis, Maryland, professional photography must be used. Depending on the size of the property and the possible views, consider having video and still photography to enhance the viewing of the property.

Placing your home on the market

With the completed upgrades, staging, photography, and the established list price finished, it is time to place your home on the market.

Using the multiple listings service and marketing approaches

One of the many benefits of hiring a real estate agent is their access to the multiple listing service (MLS). Here, they can view other properties for sale and upload all their information about the property they are selling. This resource provides a wealth of knowledge and assists your real estate agent's marketing approaches.

For example, suppose your property includes exceptional amenities that other properties do not. Your realtor can use this information to your advantage when featuring your home on the multiple listing service.

Showings, open houses, and virtual tours

Now that your home is on the market, be prepared for your real estate agent to schedule individual showings of the property and host at least one open house. By opening up the property to potential buyers, you can gain essential insights into what buyers like about the property and if there are any drawbacks. Agents often host an open house for other realtors to see Annapolis waterfront homes for sale. Their experience and feedback are invaluable to the sales process and will help you sell your home for top dollar.

Contracts and closing

A contract is signed once a buyer places an offer on your home and is accepted. This process can involve a bit of back-and-forth negotiating between the agents and the buyer and seller. Negotiating is all part of the process and works toward your advantage. The closing occurs after the contract is signed and the financials are in order. Typically, closings happen in 30 to 60 days, depending on the complexity of the contract and the finances. Your realtor will walk you through each step of the process.

Time to sell your home in Annapolis?

When you are ready to sell your home in Annapolis, contact Paganelli Properties. She can answer all of your questions about selling your home. Her professionalism, negotiating skills, and attention to detail set her apart and ensure each client experiences a smooth and stress-free real estate transaction.

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